Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

“The main objective of the company , is to strive to exceed customer satisfaction by creating a strong customer focus, involvement of all the people, improvement in service quality and to develop and promote tourism in Vidarbha,and Central India as a whole, offering to our Customers, Superior experience through ethically delivered services, thereby contribute to conservation of Vidarbha’s & Central India’s Eco & Wild Life Habitat, its Heritage & Culture , and promotion of its Arts and Handicrafts. Our policy is to achieve excellent standards of quality in all services offered to our customers.”

Vision Statement

To make Tourism, a thriving economic activity in Vidarbha & Central India Conservation of its Eco & Wild life Habitat & Water bodies, Heritage & Cultural Preserves. Promotion of Arts & Handicrafts, Cultural activities, Entertainment & Adventure Sports. Recognition of the Region in the Global Market, bringing along with it all advantages to the Community its Industry, Trade and Services